A perfect, subtle and flowy kimono. The base is dark blue with green tones. The flowers are white with brown. A dark colored kimono, but with white flowers. Perfect for the fall/winter days to cheer up your outfit. For people who love to wear dark colors but like to cheer up their outfit, or the ones that like to wear light colors and who want to add some color on their outfit.

The Flower Field

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  • This kimono is a vintage handpicked item. There’s only one unique piece. Let slowfashion grow.

    Please notice:
    These kimonos are vintage. I hope you are willing to choose slowfashion and please take for granted that vintage clothes already have a history. Since these kimonos are vintage there might be minor flaws.

  • Every kimono can be worn with every size. You can add a belt in your waist. Your kimono may be to long, but  is easy to tailor.

     I’m 175 cm tall. Normally wearing a Medium