Ready for new glitter moments? We are. We created the Glitter Billy for you. With a lot of stretch and an elastic waist band, this is the most comfi pants you will wear this holiday season. And between you and me... Glitters are always a go right? 

Billy Glitter

€ 139,00Price
  • We tailor make your pants. So that these pants will fit you perfectly and to your preference. If you want your pants to fit more thightly, choose a size smaller.

    Step one: Choose standard size

    XS  EU size 32

     S  EU size 34/36

    M EU size 36/38

    L EU size 38/40

    XL size EU 40/42

    Step two:

    Measure waist, hips and length from waist till foot.

    Step three:

    When checking out please click: Add note and tell us your waist, hips length measurements . When in doubt always contact us.