Let me introduce you to the Mave and Bonnie suit. It was inspired by the romance of the sea. It is the perfect suit for spring and summer weather. The suit is a two piece so each products can be worn apart from each other. Our linen is mixed with viscose (78% viscose and 22% linen)  This makes it soft and flowy. Linen tends to stretch a lot when wearing but because of the mix with viscose the stretching is minimized.

Mave & Bonnie suit

€ 199,00Price
  • We tailor make your trousers and blouse. So that these pants will fit you perfectly and to your preference. Please notice, the fabric has no stretch but expands a bit when wearing.

    Step one: Choose standard size

    XS EU size 32

    S EU size 34/36

    M EU size 36/38

    L EU size 38/40

    XL size EU 40/42

    Step two:

    Measure bust, waist and armlentgh.

    Measure waist, hips and length from waist till foot.

    Step three:

    When checking out please click: Add note and tell us your  measurements . When in doubt always contact us.