Don’t get me wrong, I thank Coco Chanel for introducing trousers for women in the early 20’s but why so thight and unstomach friendly?
With semi long leggs, wide hips and a small waist I always struggled with finding the perfect trousers. So, I figured. Time for change. Together with the loveliest Yasmin we designed our own Hananoumi Pants. Made to fit comfortable. The pyjama pants that DO look stunning.




Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous

Leo, dedicated to my zodiac sign. The perfect tailor made pants to embrace your legs. Read our story

Every pants is made so it perfectly fits your body. Therefore the proces and delivery time will take two weeks.


€ 139,00Price
  • We tailor make your pants. So that these pants will fit you perfectly and to your preference. If you want your pants to fit more thightly, choose a size smaller.

    Step one: Choose standard size

    XS EU size 32

    S EU size 34/36

    M EU size 36/38

    L EU size 38/40

    XL size EU 40/42

    Step two:

    Measure waist, hips and length from waist till foot.

    Step three:

    When checking out please click: Add note and tell us your waist, hips length measurements . When in doubt always contact us.

    When checking out please click: Add note and tell us your length and waist. (Measure from waist till foot)