The Hana bag


A bag designed for you. In many different vintage fabrics. Each bag is exclusive. 


Measurements: 40 cm X 50 cm with extra long handles from 97 cm.

Material: Vintage fabrics mostly made out of silk, linen, hemp or poly

Lining: Vintage kimonos mostly made out of silk or poly

Details: Copper button and vintage tassel


Be gentle to yourself and the bag, do not take more than you can handle. 


Hana bag 006

€ 149,00Price
  • Please remember:

    Your bag is a handmade item made out of antique fabrics, therefore the bag is fragile. Avoid contact with water. Open the button 

    carefully. Be gentle to yourself and the bag, do not take more than you can handle.


  • Hananoumi was founded because of an urge to inspire, discover and move. And with that in mind I felt it was time for something new.

     I discovered antique fabrics that need to be seen, touched and used. The handwork and craftsmanship is incredibly beautiful. Besides that, what is a woman without a gorgeous bag?

    Hananoumi proudly represents slow-fashion and that is why I chose to create these bags the honest way. Every person who has helped realizing this dream is treated with kindness and compensated fairly.

    By purchasing this item you will become the only one carrying this bag with you. You are supporting a young woman, living her dream. Furthermore, you choose an honest and fair way of shopping. 

    You choose to be unique.