For as long as I can remember I love to wear dresses, skirts and kimonos. Not only because I love the way it dances around you, also because I just simply can’t understand why you would lock yourself into some pair of trousers. Don’t get me wrong, I thank Coco Chanel for introducing trousers for women in the early 20’s but why so thight and unstomach friendly?

With semi long leggs, wide hips and a small waist I always struggled with finding the perfect trousers. So, I figured. Time for change. Together with the loveliest Yasmin we designed our own Hananoumi trousers. And hi, I hear you thinking, offcourse…. Vintage fabrics and certified fabrics.


With so much love for new things, adventures and endless nights of designing, Hananoumi presents the pantsss.

Make yourself ready for the ‘feellikepyjama’ pants that DO look stunning.  Friendly, sustainable, fairly made. In Holland. With so much fun, pleasure and LOVE. For us women.