About Josje

And her Hananoumi


My name is Josje, 21 years old and currently studying at Academie Artemis in Amsterdam. I welcome you to my journey of slow and unique fashion: Hananoumi.


Hananoumi was founded because of an urge to inspire, discover, and move.

 I started end of august 2019 with curating vintage kimonos. To me they represent the beauty of the female, they point out and compliment womanhood. The reason for me to focus on unique garments is because of the story, the discovery. Every tailor made garment is different, no two are the same, different patterns, colors and styles will make sure your garment makes you not only stand out in the crowd, but most importantly it has to make sure that you feel seen by yourself, because ultimately that is the only reason I want you to buy the garments for. You, and only you.  


Hananoumi - Bloemenzee - Sea of Flowers.

May the flower in you bloom, and the sea in you rage.