About Yasmin

Dressmaker and tailor

I am Yasmin, 

37 years old and mother of three beautiful daughters. Passionated about creating through sewing and cooking, I can make delicious meals. I taught myself sewing from the age of 12 and still go to school to further professionalize my skills. Me and my family moved to Holland in 2009. I graduated HBO administration management. I have learned the Dutch language with so much pleasure. I currently work for Hananoumi. Josje told me she is so happy that she met me, and so am I. My role within Josje her brand is redesigning kimonos into dresses and blouses and other creative ideas that we come up with together such as pants and more garments in the future.

The process of creating together is without exception filled with passion and love.

Besides working for Hananoumi I do tailor work and design my own bags made out of Carpets my uncle produces in Iraq.

All the love Yasmin

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